5 Tips to Grow as a Visual Artist

Are you a visual artist looking to grow in your career? If you answered yes this is the article you should read. First, you should know that building a prosperous artist career takes time, sacrifices, and effort. Sometimes it is intimidating to see more opportunities in the world but still not understand how to sail through and get potential clients.

The tricks you use to market your artwork to the audience determines how they make a decision about your work. In our article, we are going to share our top five tips that we used to grow our visual artist business. Read to the end to learn more.

Be an attentive observer

This is the best thing you can ever be as an artist. Keeping an art journal and drawing whatever that catches your concentration is the best method to improve and grow your hand-eye communication and technique. Many popular artists together with their drafts make notes about the shades and different details they notice while sketching their subject material. 

Such a habit enables the artists to remake an improved picture when in the studio. This is all minus missing any key details noticed when they were sketching from life. It is fine if you wish to take a photo so you can refer later.

Have an inspirational working area 

While this may appear obvious, an inspiring environment is vital. Thus, if you have a cluttered, dark, messy, cramped or dusty work area, it is hard to improve your art. A messy environment kills your morale of working because it makes you uncomfortable.  

Master the tools

Throughout my working experience as a visual artist, I have learned to master my art tools because it makes the creation process easy and fast. If you find it hard to learn using a tool, consider observing other expert artists when they are using the tool. There are several videos out there that teach how to use different tools. But if you can’t learn from watching the videos to master your art tools, consider enrolling in a school nearby to learn using all your art tools. It is very satisfying to work comfortably with any tool.

Showcase your work 

This is among the best ways to grow as a visual artist. No one lights a candle and places it under the bed.  Start by sharing your work with friends. Apart from friends and family, you can join only groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and share your work with the members. If there are art centers, museums, and non-profit galleries in your area, ensure you take some time to go there and showcase your artwork. The most important thing here is to listen to feedback. It helps you to grow and improve on any areas that you are not doing well – read article on special effects artist jobs

Don’t be selfish

If we were all selfish, this world would not grow. There would be no internet or communication. Everyone is a contributor. If you find an upcoming artist who needs help, please be there for him. It not only helps you to grow but puts your name out there as an expert.


There are many ways you can use to grow as a visual artist. Never compare yourself to another person. It is depressing. Be who you are and you will grow. 

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